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  1. Aviatra Accelerators

    Aviatra Accelerators

    Aviatra Accelerators is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 2010. Our multi-state organization enables women to start and sustain businesses by giving them the resources they need to be successful. Through our expertise in business basics, guidance from mentors and coaches, and access to capital, we continuously encourage our members to move forward, and we embrace them when they return, helping to refuel and reignite their passions.

    What started as an opportunity to help women-owned businesses in one city has grown into a multi-state organization, educating over 2700 female entrepreneurs. From its inception in 2010, Aviatra’s effectiveness has been proven as it rapidly has grown to serve women throughout Ohio and Northern Kentucky and has granted over $1,000,000 in low-interest loans. Our women have received over $10 million in follow-on funding and have generated over $1 billion in combined earned revenue.

    $1,125.00 donated of $5,000.00 goal
  2. Forever Kings

    Forever Kings

    The mission of Forever Kings is “To create a culture of brotherhood among young men of color while providing dynamic tools and resources that empower them to re-define, re-shape, and re-imagine the outcomes for their lives”. Our Boyz II Kings program is our flagship community-based program that takes young men on a nine-month journey of self-reflection and self-visualization while creating a culture of brotherhood.

    Our custom curriculum allows members to participate in interactive lessons and activities that push them to become their best selves and learn new skills. Members are also exposed to unique environments, events, and careers that allow them to re-imagine the outcome of their life. This program is facilitated at The King’s Palace and is open to Young Men of Color in grades fourth to twelfth.

    $1,250.00 donated of $5,000.00 goal
  3. Hearing Speech + Deaf Center

    Hearing Speech + Deaf Center

    The Deaf Access Fund benefits our entire community by increasing access to sign language interpreters and breaking through communication barriers to open 24/7/365 access and inclusion to deaf neighbors as full members.

    Ninety percent of deaf children are born to hearing families, and most of those families never learn sign language.

    Your support for the Deaf Access Fund will open access to routine activities like applying for a loan, buying a car, or attending family gatherings for our deaf neighbors. In addition, SVP’s expertise will benefit our efforts to develop interpreting technology for emergencies to make Cincinnati deaf-friendly.

    $1,500.00 donated of $5,000.00 goal
  4. Isaiah 55

    Isaiah 55

    The mission of Isaiah 55, Inc. is to grow food to feed the less fortunate healthier options. We acquire blighted land and turn them into beautiful gardens. We are pitching our mobile soup kitchen idea with a pay it forward concept.

    $1,000.00 donated of $5,000.00 goal
  5. Music Resource Center

    Music Resource Center

    The Music Resource Center – Cincinnati is a multifaceted teen center that uses recording and performing arts, as well as life skills mentoring, to create a sense of empowerment and accomplishment in the urban community. The mission of the Music Resource Center–Cincinnati is to inspire teenagers in a culturally diverse and musically focused setting to elevate lifetime and academic achievement.

    $1,000.00 donated of $5,000.00 goal
  6. Refuge Connect

    Refuge Connect

    RefugeeConnect’s mission is to connect refugees (people forced to flee their country to escape persecution or war) with resources to rebuild their lives as United States citizens. We help refugees from 14 countries who speak 12 languages. Our cornerstone program, the Community Navigator program, bridges the gap between community resources and refugee needs. It increases equity in service provision through advocacy while educating families on available resources as well as how to access these resources. Community navigators are cultural leaders who support families in their native language by connecting them to resources and services and helping them navigate systems, including the healthcare system.

    $1,000.00 donated of $5,000.00 goal
  7. Rise Up News

    Rise Up News

    Rise Up News is a local nonprofit organization that publishes a newspaper, RISE (Reenter Into Society Empowered) that provides local reentry and social service resources to currently incarcerated individuals in local jail facilities. RISE launched in 2017 as a proof-of-concept project when founder Tracy Brumfield was awarded the People’s Liberty Haile Fellowship award. RISE is the only newspaper in the country for a county jail audience and is currently distributed in 5 local correctional facilities. Along with local resource listings, RISE also includes first person essays from readers and relevant and timely articles to help individuals navigate life post release.

    $1,000.00 donated of $5,000.00 goal
  8. School Board School

    School Board School

    At School Board School, we are the only organization that is bringing diverse leadership to both school board and education advocacy roles, building a coalition between these groups, and providing them with the knowledge and network to drive systemic change. We begin with a seven-month learning program, and then continue to support our members over time in their individual goals and in collective actions to build more just and equitable school systems.

    $1,000.00 donated of $5,000.00 goal
  9. Saint Francis Seraph Ministries

    Saint Francis Seraph Ministries

    St. Francis Seraph Ministries’ mission is to nourish and nurture anyone in need. Our organization serves hundreds of homeless, mentally ill and marginalized guests annually through outreach programs including:

    • Mother Teresa of Calcutta Dining Room-serving 80,000 meals annually at breakfast and dinner Monday-Friday.
    • The Bag Lunch Programprovides over 7,000 mobile meals to individuals and other agencies throughout the community.
    • The Sarah Center-provides job training #Stitched# and other programs which promote racial equity and economic stability for minorities.
    • Cooking for the Family-teaches families how to plan and cook affordable nutritious meals for under $10.
    • Foot Care for the Souls-provides foot care and new socks and shoes to the homeless.

    $1,000.00 donated of $5,000.00 goal
  10. Transform Cincy

    Transform Cincy

    A journey can begin with a single thread. At Transform we work with transgender and gender non-conforming youth to provide free wardrobes with everything they need from head to toe. The destination is theirs to create, we are here to help them get started, with free clothing and wardrobe styling.

    $1,250.00 donated of $5,000.00 goal
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